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House rules

  • Smoking and/or drug use are strictly prohibited inside the rooms.
  • Animals are not allowed, we hope for your kind understanding.
  • Overnight stay of people beyond the number agreed upon at the time of booking is not possible.
  • All accessories provided in the room with the exception of slippers and welcome kit are to be considered for temporary use only for the duration of the stay and, consequently to be kindly left in the rooms upon check-out.
  • At any time within the facility, behaviors, activities, games and use of equipment that cause disturbance to other guests must be avoided.
  • Please do not slam the doors but accompany them, if you return to your room late please close the door of your room gently so as not to disturb those already asleep. Please keep quiet behavior even in common areas and on stairs.
  • Do not flush substances other than those for which it was designed into the toilet. Do not clog the toilet with, paper or other bulky material. Use the appropriate baskets.
  • It is forbidden to throw objects either from the balconies or windows of rooms and common areas.
  • No weapons, knives, sticks or instruments considered blunt may be entered.
We hope your stay with us will be happy and relaxing.

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