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Apiculture Educational Lab

Step inside the world of bees to see with your own eyes the fantastic and indispensable work of these fundamental and hard-working insects, the fulcrum of our living.

During this experience you will be guided to one of our apiaries where, with the help of our beekeepers, you will see the work of our bees up close.

You will be able to immerse yourself in a true sensory journey where you will leave behind the artificial noises of the daily routine to make place for the sounds of nature and its small living creatures. You will also learn, all the steps bees and beekeepers and nature take, to get to the final production of honey. The experience includes:

  • Breakfast at our namesake osteria;
  • Introduction to the world of bees explained through in our beekeepers;
  • Mask;
  • Apiary visit;
  • Honey extraction and maturation laboratory visit;
  • Honey tasting;
  • Lunch at the osteria.

Price 60€ per person.

You can book this experience by adding it when booking your stay.

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